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Thoughts as a Fan about Darren

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1default Thoughts as a Fan about Darren on Sun Jun 19, 2016 4:11 pm


Since it's a slow news day on the Darren front, I thought I'll share one of my musings about Darren that I wrote for my (rather inactive) blog:

Warning:  It's a bit (a lot) cheesy.

Being Charmed

What is it about Darren Criss, that is, of all the celebrities in the entertainment industry, what is it about him in particular that inspires me to be a loyal fan?  Darren possesses so many qualities that I personally value. He works hard, and is talented, humble, down-to-earth, funny, quirky, charming, passionate, kind, supportive, and accepting.   But more than just possessing all these qualities, when it comes to Darren, it's a case of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

As fans of Darren, we are lucky that there is an unlimited supply of Darren’s quirky charm, because when he is being adorably dorky, he really is just being himself. 

via adorkabledarrencriss

When I think back to when I started following Darren back in November 2010, I remember first being impressed with his talent, his singing voice, his mesmerizing musical performances on "Glee," and his endearing portrayal of Blaine on the show.   But what pulled me into being a fan was Darren’s continual optimism, his positivity, along with his charm and fun quirkiness.    I was going through a challenging period in my life, and Darren’s positivity and passion for life inspired me.  He often brought smiles to my face with his zany antics, his jokes, his funny faces.  He clearly didn’t take himself so seriously that he forgot to enjoy himself.  I remember being charmed when he sang all his answers in an interview with Rolling Stone.    Watch him in this video that was taken one month after he appeared on Glee, and I dare you not to smile!   Rolling Stone Interview   Or how about Darren being adorkable in this video with Keenan Cahill, Dianna, Jenna, and Harry (singing "Last Friday Night")?   Last Friday Night Video

With his fans, Darren is comfortable being himself, quirks and all.  He shares with us his moments of joyful silliness.  Look at how adorably excited and high on life he is in this gif (on the way to see the world premiere of "Girl Most Likely").


"In the car, on the way to the world premiere screening of Imogene… Don’t have many words other than this:"
Source:  rileycriss
Based on Darren's video: Link

Both during his Listen Up tour (2013) and the Gleek Reunion (2015), as well as at other events,  Darren clearly enjoyed having fun and amusing his fans with recurring bouts of silliness.   Just look how happy Darren and his fans look in these photos during his Listen Up tour (2013).

"I wanted a group shot for my photo. I like how it came out."

haha!  Just look at the expression on his face!

"he wanted to keep the hat so bad but he said he wouldn’t know where to put it"

And some photos of Darren being his sweet goofy self with his fans at the Gleek Reunion (2015).   

@BigQuench  @DarrenCriss You made the best panda in the whole world.  #GleeReunion"  Source


And here is one of my favorites, Darren wearing a tutu at G4 (2014):


Darren is passionate about
so many issues:  Music, theater, films, animation, art, and life in general.   A fan once asked Joaquin Sedillo  what his favorite thing was about Darren.   Joaquin answered: “Darren lives life to its fullest!  Inspiring.”   Source  The following quote also demonstrates how Darren sees so much beauty in life, that he stops to smell the roses whenever he can:   "As a composer and as a musician I'm a true believer [...] that there's artistry in everything from a lawn gnome to a desk chair to a symphony to an Andy Warhol painting.  There's art in absolutely everything."  Digital Spy  Darren finds so much joy in life, in living.

So thank you Darren for being such an inspiration to others, for showing us by example, how vital it is to laugh and to be happy, and to find joy and passion in living life to the fullest.  And thank you for your efforts to beam sunshine into the lives of others with your charm and playfulness.  Especially during times that tinge our lives with some darkness, it's that much more important to look for people who will insert happy moments to remember and to carry one through life's obstacles.  I remember reading a fan account of her experience meeting Darren during his Listen Up tour.  She described how Darren was standing backstage waiting for her, with a big smile on his face and his arms wide open.  They hugged, laughed, and created some memorable moments.  She wrote:  I dunno how great my tale is, but I know that's the happiest I've been in a long time so it really meant the world to me . . ."   Source   How wonderful that he gave her such a happy moment.   And how many other times has he brought smiles and laughter into the lives of others, even during times when we found it hard to smile and laugh?   I'll end my musings with a few gifs and photos of Darren enjoying life in the best possible way.

"I love that song. That's so funny."  
via adorkabledarrencriss



 @DarrenCriss "But I'll join in too, cuz hell, I'm all smiles myself!  #SmileForYall #HedwigOnBway"  @DarrenCriss

Darren Criss  "Merry Crissmas to all, and to all a good night!"

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2default Re: Thoughts as a Fan about Darren on Mon Jun 20, 2016 7:03 am


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@Poppy wrote:Warning:  It's a bit (a lot) cheesy.
Haha, this is why I just answered this question with a silly gif in the introduction thread. It's hard to talk about what you like about Darren without the answer getting somewhat long and/or cheesy!
But aww, your post made me smile. Even before you ended it with those manipulative pics/gifs of Darren's infectious smile! :big grin


3default Re: Thoughts as a Fan about Darren on Mon Jun 20, 2016 3:05 pm


@Lin wrote:Haha, this is why I just answered this question with a silly gif in the introduction thread. It's hard to talk about what you like about Darren without the answer getting somewhat long and/or cheesy!

haha!  Yes, it's true.  :big grin

Darren is human, and I don't see him as perfect.   No one is.   But there is just so much to love about him, so much that when you try to explain what you do love about him, it does seem to go on and on.   :lol

@Lin wrote:But aww, your post made me smile.

 Then, goal achieved!   :happy face   That is exactly the effect that Darren often has on his fans!  He makes us feel like this litte guy.  :for you

@Lin wrote:Even before you ended it with those manipulative pics/gifs of Darren's infectious smile!

hee!   "Manipulative."  It's not on me, though. Razz    It's "Darren's happy face"!   It's his fault!  :amused   I do love how he gets squinty when he's happy.

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