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List of Sites on Tumblr/Twitter for News about Darren

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Please feel free to post your comments regarding siggested Tumblr and Twitter Sites that report news about Darren in this thread.

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Since sadly, both darrencriss-news and dailydarrennews have said/are saying goodbye to their tumblr blogs, I thought I would make a list of sites on Tumblr and Twitter that report news about Darren. 


For reporting of Darren-related news, I think that Darren Criss Army has been a wonderfully reliable and stable news source for several years.  DCriss Archive has a great deal of potential--that site has been great on updating the news about Darren.  And for news about Computer Games, Computer Games Street Team is a great source.




And I was informed by Lin (thank you Lin!!) that the archive for the expired darrencrissnews.com has been redirected by Alex to this Tumblr site:  darrencriss-news.tumblr.com!   Now if you want to refer to a quote, a video, a pic, a gif, etc. that once was on DCN, you can go to that Tumblr site!   This is happy news!


I like to go to Gleekto's site for commentary, and Lilikoiluv's site for present and past news (makes me feel very nostalgic).  Jenndesq's site is always fun and very up-to-date with Darren news.  :happy face





I am completely new to Twitter (just opened an account recently to tweet votes for Computer Games in Macy's iHeartRadio Rising Star contest).  For Darren-related news, I follow the Twitter accounts of dailydarrennews, Darren Criss Army, and Computer Games ST (Street Team).

@dailydarrennews ‏
@DarrenArmy ‏
@WPCStreetTeam ‏

If anyone else has suggestions, please add to this list.  Thank you.  :happy face

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Haven't yet had a chance to check out this new fan site.  But will do so soon.  :happy face

From dcriss-archive:

darrencrissonline wrote:

Hello everyone,

I’m a longtime fan of Darren’s and I wanted to share a project that I’ve been working on for the past several weeks:

List of Sites on Tumblr/Twitter for News about Darren Tumblr_inline_osp5ftKUgs1qz5yh0_500

Darren Criss Online

It’s a new fansite and resource for Darren fans. There’s a few features that have taken a lot of work and that I’m really proud of. I think they will be useful to fans too:

  • Press Library: an archive of press articles about Darren and his projects. Press can be sorted through by year or by category.
  • Video Vault: an archive of video of or about Darren that is organized by category. 
  • News Feed: a listing of news updates about Darren and his projects. This only includes significant news so it will be helpful if you don’t have time to check the news blogs but want to see if anything major has happened.

All features are new so not every video or article has been archived yet but I’m adding them regularly.

The site also has several other features (and even more that I’m working to add) so I hope you’ll check it out. I’m open to any suggestions and I’d love any submissions!

It also has an Audio Archive, and a Photo Gallery that is further broken down into photoshoots, appearances, projects, magazine clippings and ad campaigns.   Pretty impressive organization.   Under info about Darren, you will find quotes from Darren, and charitable causes that he has supported. :happy face  It also has links to other fan sites on Tumblr, links to fan-site twitter acccounts, and links to message boards (this forum is listed  sunny applause ).   

dcrissonline also has icons (100 x 100)!   Please credit them if you use on of their icons.

Link to "Darren Criss Online":   https://darrencrissonline.tumblr.com/post/162718892057/darrencrissonline

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Thanks so much for this wonderful bit of news, Lin!   celebrate   :bravo   clapping hands   DCN is and was such a valuable resource to fans of Darren!  I'm so glad we now have this Tumblr site created by Alex to refer to!  If you guys have a moment, please tweet your thanks to Alex @alexdcn  .  heart heart heart

Lin wrote:Hey Poppy, I thought you would like to hear (if you haven't already) that Alex deleted the redirection to the expired darrencrissnews.com domain, so the DCN archive is finally available again at darrencriss-news.tumblr.com!



Other sources of Darren-related news:

"Darren Criss Source":  https://darrencrissource.tumblr.com/

"Daily Dcriss News":   https://dailydcrissnews.tumblr.com/

"Daily Darren Pics":   https://dailydarrenpics.tumblr.com/

"Darren Criss Is Awesome":   http://darrencrissisawesome.tumblr.com/



I also enjoy visiting these 2 blogs.  Their commentary (see their tags) often is interesting. 





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