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Los Angeles Times wrote:
'Assassination of Gianni Versace' delves into the mind of a killer — and societal prejudice

June 20, 2018

The second season focused on the mysterious backstory of spree killer Andrew Cunanan, a gay gigolo and prolific liar who killed four men before his infamous 1997 murder of groundbreaking Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace — one of the few openly gay celebrities of that time. (Cunanan, 27 at the time of Versace’s murder, would kill himself days later.)

In the midst of unpacking all of that, the drama presented a striking portrait of homophobia in the 1990s by examining the injustice that was steeped in societal prejudice — particularly in regards to how police officials handled the case — and the toll of hate, from outside and within.

“The underlying theme was homophobia,” said Edgar Ramirez, who played Versace. “The show talks about the open and raging political homophobia on one side, and it also talks about the internalized — and even more dangerous — homophobia within. What I love about this whole project is how, almost in the likes of a Greek tragedy, it touches upon subjects that are important and that are culturally and socially relevant today more than ever.”

[. . . ]

Criss, who before “Versace” had largely been known for his bright-eyed turn in Murphy’s musical series, “Glee,” was struck by the psychological mapping the role required.

“There’s a lot of different ways we could have written Andrew, because there’s a lot of different ways anybody can glean who he was or what really made him tick,“ Criss said. “People always ask, ‘What’s it’s like to play a spree killer?’ If you boil it down to just that, that’s not who he was. It’s what we know him for. But if you think of all the worst things that anybody’s ever done in their life, the amount of time they spent doing that horrible thing is in the severe minority of the infinite minutes, hours, seconds, moments of their life. Again, I’m not saying this by any means exonerates him from those horrible minutes of his life, but it does beg the attention of the other moments.”

[. . . ]

While Versace’s name brings heft to the narrative, the drama was just as invested in bringing attention to Cunanan’s lesser-known victims — Gulf War veteran and Cunanan’s good friend Jeffrey Trail; architect and Cunanan’s unrequited love David Madson; real estate mogul Lee Miglin; and cemetery caretaker William Reese — and the people whose lives were affected by those murders.

[. .  . ]

[Judith] Light says she hadn’t known much about Cunanan’s killings prior to joining the series. But she remembers the ethos of the time distinctly.

“I didn’t really know much about Cunanan’s prior victims,” she said. “So I wasn’t too familiar with the Miglin case. I remember the Versace killing, and I remember it was a very powerful, visceral experience. One of the most important factors in watching this is to see that, to whatever degree, we still have that [homophobia] going on in our culture.”

That function as a sociological yearbook is ultimately what binds “Versace” to “The People v. O.J. Simpson.”

“They’re very different stories,” Criss said. “But they’re excellent examinations of a time period that allows a certain thing to happen, which ends up being a crime — but how that crime affects the social landscape is also a crime.”

Source:  http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/envelope/la-en-st-versace-emmys-20180620-story.html

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Via Darren’s Instagram Story (June 19th, 2018)

TV Line wrote:
Emmys 2018: Lead Actor, Limited Series — Dream Nominees


WHY HE DESERVES A NOD: Gianni Versace may have gotten his name featured in the title of FX’s second American Crime Story, but it was Andrew Cunanan — played to haunting perfection by a not-so-Gleeful Darren Criss — who captivated audiences until the season’s unforgettable conclusion. With each gut-wrenching breakdown and unnerving look, Criss embodied a character capable of skyrocketing him from teen-TV heartthrob to Emmy-nominated powerhouse. And need we remind you about that infamous underwear dance? Playing this role took some serious, well, you know.

Source:  https://tvline.com/gallery/2018-emmy-awards-lead-actor-limited-series-dream-nominations/

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Topics tagged under 10h12h on Darren Criss Fan Community Tumblr_pam57mmOUh1wpi2k2o2_400
*He became known in 2010 in the hit Musical series #Glee, today he plays the famous serial killer of season 2 of #AmericanCrimeStory @AHS “The Assassination of Gianni Versace”: Welcome #DarrenCriss in the #10h12h

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Track: Darren Criss on Sud Radio (06-20-18)

Darren Criss on Sud Radio (June 20th, 2018) | Source

*Darren’s speaking in English and it is being translated in real time to French.

**Interview recorded on June 17th, 2018

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Topics tagged under 10h12h on Darren Criss Fan Community Tumblr_pamf7hEtl71wcyxsbo3_540

Topics tagged under 10h12h on Darren Criss Fan Community Tumblr_pamf7hEtl71wcyxsbo1_540
Episode stills for episode 4 of The Assassination of Gianni Versace | 20 June 2018