icollectnoveltysizedbananas wrote:Can we all just talk about how amazingly talented Darren is?  I went to see Hedwig and there were people there who had seen the show with all the previous Hedwig’s and said that his voice was the richest of them all.  There were people there who weren’t even “Darren fans” that couldn’t stop talking about how honest and powerful his performance was.

Guys. That is saying something.

People who don’t follow every move in his career, haven’t heard of Starkid, and don’t watch Glee can go into this show and come out just as flushed and amazed as we are…. That is a true success.

June 3, 2015

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June 4, 2015
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I agree completely with this person.  I adored Darren as Blaine, but it was not until I saw him in Hedwig did I truly appreciate how very talented an actor he is. 

 A nice tweet from a Hedwig fan.

Here is a Hedwig fan, who also is a Darren fan.  Note what she said on April 30 about Darren.

And now note what she said on June 5.

A conversation between John Shevlin (a Hedwig fan) and someone who sounds like another Hedwig fan.

John Shevlin replied:

And a nice comment about Darren being his usual kind and sweet self to fans.