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[mention]Poppy[/mention] wrote:Oh-thanks so much for posting that video DaisiesAndLilies!   applause   We appreciate it.   The code was confusing to me.  Did you need to use Javascript?  I'm grateful for you tech-savvy folks!  bow to you

For Instagram, you can find out the URL for the video (using view-source) by searching for "mp4". Then you use video and source tags and specify height and width. The code should look like this:

<video controls="" height="640" width="640">
 type="video/mp4"> </source></video>

Then you should get the video to display like this:

dalberto14 {#}changes{/#} {#}davidbowie{/#} {#}hunkydory{/#} {#}nyc{/#} {#}tribute{/#} {#}celebratebowie{/#} {#}glee{/#} {#}darrencriss{/#}

Here is another angle from julz91:

NME has the full setlist from last night's show at over three hours! And Rolling Stone had a writeup of the show, with "Darren Chris" as one of the performers. :very confused Darren's friend Mr. Hudson sang Starman.
Darren performed at a concert, Celebrating David Bowie (NYC) today (January 10, the one-year anniversary of David Bowie's passing).  I like how Darren changed his voice slightly in a way that's more gravelly and rock, and the way he forms the words of the lyrics.  Such a chameleon.  :happy face
(And I like his jacket too.)

DarrenCrissArmy posted another video, but I couldn't post it.  Here is the link:  DarrenCrissArmy

ha.  I laughed at the posting person's comment:
extralegroom   "That time I saw the guy from Glee sing #DavidBowie at #Terminal5 and it was actually pretty cool"

heh.  Darren talking about his love for the American Songbook, and then singing David Bowie.  What a contrast in musical tastes.  :amused

From dailydarrennews:

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pugsnbubs: Watching the #davidbowie tribute show. #celebratingdavidbowie #nyc #terminal5 #terminal5nyc #darrenkris #iloveny #livemusic #tuesdaynight #bowie #thinwhiteduke #ziggystardust

I love this pic.  His pose, the lights, the colors, the musicians, the audience.
Topics tagged under davidbowie on Darren Criss Fan Community Tumblr_ojljkbbr7J1ubd9qxo1_1280
Darren performing at “Celebrating David Bowie” on January 10th, 2017 (x)

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EDIT:  Sorry DaisiesAndlLilies, I didn't see your earlier post of the Youtube video!   :amused  Thanks for posting that other video! :thank you

Search found 2 matches for DavidBowie

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