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Listen: Darren Criss sings of lasting love in 'The Day That The Dance Is Over'

Dec. 27, 2017

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By: Lori Melton  AXS Contributor Dec 27, 2017

Darren Criss delivered a musical holiday treat to his large international fan base when he released his highly-anticipated solo EP, Homework on Dec. 15. The final track in the five-track collection is a sweeping piano ballad called “The Day That The Dance Is Over.” You can listen to the romantic song in the official audio release above. Criss sings of the kind of lasting love that remains long after the party has ended and “the day that the dance is over" in the ruminating track.

He reassures his love he's there to stay in the chorus saying, “And while there’s something to talk about, and while there’s something to say/ I promise you, I won’t be gone on the day that the dance is over- I will be your song./Keep holding on. /On the day that the dance is over I will be your song.”

Overall, Homework serves up a sweet reflection of who Darren Criss is as an artist. His “I Dreamed a Dream” cover pays beautiful homage to his University of Michigan Theater grad roots and critically-acclaimed Broadway runs in “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” and “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.” His stripped back acoustic version of the heart-wrenching “Les Miserables” theme song is simply stunning. The upbeat, medieval-themed lead track “Foolish Thing” feels like something we’d hear him sing in his cherished, award-winning role as charismatic and optimistic Blaine Anderson on “Glee.” 

Furthermore, “I Don’t Mind” is a fun, acoustic guitar-driven song that carries a carefree, retro vibe. “Going Nowhere” is a melancholy song about mourning a lost love. While the song’s tone and subject matter is somber, the Emmy-nominated singer-songwriter’s vocals are notably sparkling and bright.

is a follow up to Darren Criss’s recent Computer Games collaboration which spawned the fun, ‘80s-vibed Lost Boys Life EP with his brother Chuck Criss. The captivating YouTube video for the title track stars Gaten Matarazzo of “Stranger Things” and has garnered over 500,000 views to date.

Criss performed a Homework EP Release Show which streamed live from The Globe Theatre in Los Angeles on Dec. 15. He also posted a heartfelt thank you video to his fans via social media upon the EP’s release noting, “Thanks for all of your support, really hope you enjoy my humble collection of songs. This wouldn’t have been possible without you all. It would have continued to sit in my head w/ nowhere to go. Thanks for giving it a home!”

by Darren Criss is available for purchase and streaming. Stay tuned to AXS for Darren Criss updates.

Link:  https://www.axs.com/listen-darren-criss-sings-of-lasting-love-in-the-day-that-the-dance-is-126777

Didn't have a chance to post these pics with Sirius XM Volume
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Did you miss @DarrenCriss on #Debatable? Don’t freak out! You can find this interview On Demand on the @SIRIUSXM App!

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Tune into #Debatable 6pm ET, to hear our conversation with @DarrenCriss discussing his EP “Homework” and his upcoming role as Andrew Cunanan in @ACSFX : The Assassination of Gianni Versace.

December 14, 2017

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I didn't have a chance earlier, to post this interview with SiriusXM Volume (better late than never).  :happy face

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Darren Criss on SiriusXM 15.12.17 

Really fun interview! They talk about ACS and his EP. This was the best i could do in terms of sound quality. Hope it’s ok!

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