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Fan Experiences During 2016 - Thu Oct 27, 2016 12:53 am

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# Repost anachronisticsiren

Darren loved my makeup, gave me a hug, and took my phone to take a picture of us. He is seriously the sweetest person ever, he talked to each and every person that had waited for him. It was such a pleasure to see him perform and to meet him after the show heart

#HedwigAndTheAngryInch #hedwigmusical #shnsf #darrencriss #lenahall #meetandgreet #musicaltheatre #musicals #theatre #hedhead #goldengatetheatre #stagedoor #hedwig http://ift.tt/2eT9b1e
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From DarrenCrissArmy:

Some nice reviews by audience members:

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# Repost glitterqueenonthegogo

I am still processing but I was blown away by Darren Criss…his Hedwig is so powerful and being on the front row allowed me to see the small movements, looks, expressions..I laughed, cried, and loved.

Afterwards we hung at the stage door and he came out pointed to me and said “You are a fucking rock star.” He told the crowd no selfies but when he got back around to us he took these!! #glitterqueenandmetalgodhoneymoon

#ILoveHedwig #HedwigandtheAngryInch #DarrenCriss #Hedwigonbway #Hedhead #Hedwig http://ift.tt/2dW90aE

Note:  glitterqueenonthegogo is an artist, and is a passionate Hedhead.  I scrolled down her Instagram page, and she has seen all of the Broadway Hedwigs (NPH, Andrew Rannells, Michael  C. Hall, John Cameron Mitchell, and Taye Diggs).  She has purchased the Original Cast recording of the Broadway show, the film, and a book about Hedwig.  This is high praise from an avid Hedwig fan.  :happy face

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# Repost emilyk415

I had an amazing night in San Francisco with 2 of my best friends! We went to see the musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch starring one of our favorite actors, Darren Criss! He was absolutely amazing and the play was very exciting to watch! However, nothing could have prepared me for the excitement of meeting Darren outside the theater. It was worth waiting roughly an hour. He was kind, friendly, and took the time to sign our programs. It was definitely a night to remember, made possible by the lovely Lacey! Thank you again for buying our tickets. #shngoldengatetheatre #hedwigandtheangryinch #darrencriss #gleekforever http://ift.tt/2dei35f

A few tweets:

On Sunday, June 28,  both the Pride Parade and a special Sunday Pride performance occurred.  Here are a couple of accounts on tumblr about how special the performance was on that day.

on-the-midnight-radio wrote:
hedwig 6/28 pride performance

Yesterday was my 16th time seeing Hedwig and the Angry Inch and to this day the most emotional and exhilarating performance I’ve ever seen . . . We finally get inside to our seats (I’m seating row E stage right) and you could feel the happiness inside the theater. It just felt so different than other days I’ve seen the show. . . And now I’m going to skip all the way to Midnight Radio. The emotions were running high. It was time to bring out the flags. The vocals for Midnight Radio were so strong, the best I’ve ever heard (It could have been because of the adrenaline rush). Darren starts the “lift up your hands” part but that’s when he’s supposed to be looking at Rebecca about 3 lift up your hands in he looks into the audience and sees flags up and he honestly didn’t know what to do with himself. I’m not sure if anyone further back could notice but he was holding back tears and you could see him choking up. We all started crying. Everyone was singing and waving their flags. He grabs a flag from the front row and waves it. It’s just an emotional mess I can’t even talk about the last few seconds because it was a blur.

At stage door the whole band came out for what I know is maybe the 2nd time in this history of Hedwig. Matt said when they saw the flags they all started crying. Rebecca said she wanted to bring out a flag but didn’t have enough time to pass it but was so happy we all did it. Darren said we made it really special for him.

June 28, 2015

theatrevicki wrote:
Hedwig PRIDE 6/28

Remember how I saw Darren in Hedwig on Saturday night and said it was amped up from the previous performances I’d seen? Well, that’s still true, but I must say that I perhaps spoke too quickly because the added Sunday PRIDE performance was the most incredible thing I have seen on any theatrical stage. Ever. Anywhere. Period.

A great deal of this was due to the audience. We were all pumped and excited. The spirit of Pride was everywhere, the theatre crackling with that buzzing energy (something that can only truly be felt rather than explained), and the audience gave Darren (the whole cast, really) all of that energy. Darren and Rebecca really fed off of that, and as a result, the show was electrifying. Hedwig was more vulnerable in those moments where she exposes herself to the audience, but she was also far peppier in the “happier” moments than I have ever seen. Every moment and emotion was felt more strongly than I have ever seen before.

Darren also took a lot of time moment-to-moment. The result was that the show ran over by quite a bit, but taking time allowed the more dramatic moments to “land,” while the improvisational moments stretched out for a longer amount of time. There was a lot of playful interaction between Hedwig and the audience as well as between Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

Darren peppered the entire show with little mentions about Pride. I can’t remember all of them because there were quite honestly a bunch of references . . .

Improvised lines/moments that were in the show:

  • Usually, when the audience cheers for Yitzhak, Hedwig will cut the audience off and say something like, “there’s no need for that.” This time, however, Darren allowed the cheering to go on for a pretty long time before saying, “usually, this would make me mad but for some reason I’m feeling prideful today.”
  • During the sing-along section of “Wig in a Box,” Hedwig said, “follow the bouncing balls, which is probably what you did earlier today at the parade.”
  • Darren grabbed a Pride flag from an audience member and waved it during “Midnight Radio.”

[. . . ]

I happened to catch Matthew [Morrison] during “Sugar Daddy” and he was literally cracking up after Darren carwashed the person a few rows in front of him. I found it amusing and worth sharing.

Quite honestly, this show was amazing. You could tell that the cast was affected by the audience’s spirit and passion. When I spoke to Matt Duncan at stage door, he said that they were all choked up tonight, especially when the audience started waving Pride flags. He told me that Darren was very emotional from the audience’s energy and love. When I spoke to them, both Rebecca and Darren said that tonight’s performance was “very special.” I can’t agree enough with this. I often say that theatre is a communal experience, but this was one of the only times I’ve attended a show when it actually really felt that we–the audience–were all “in this” together. It was an unforgettable experience, so thank you not only to Darren, Rebecca, and Tits of Clay, but also to every single member of that audience who helped to create a truly amazing night at the theatre.

June 28, 2015

More comments about the Pride performance:  :happy face

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fmac_25 Out of the 5 times I've seen@hedwigonbway, yesterday was the very best. @darrencriss is a force to be reckoned with. His #Hedwig is fierce and funny, heartbreaking and breathtaking. I can't even think of the right collection of words to describe how amazing yesterday's show was. This musical is my religion. Take me back. Please. #Hedhead  #hedwig  #broadway  #darrencriss

Note:  fmac_25 had seen Andrew Rannells (she is a fan of his), seen JCM twice (she calls him a "legend"), and this was her second time seeing Darren (she is also a fan of Darren).

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bruglikas: HappyPride! I spent it with @darrencriss who rocked the #BelascoTheater & @hedwigonbway hard! #Amazing #ProudOFhim ! #Nyc #Broadway #hedwigandtheangryinch #Hedwig #BlaineWho #TotallyCommitted #DarrenCriss #pride2015 #LoveWigs #LoveWins #AnnMargret #FlaggetryWithAnnMargretBonus
(via gleekto)

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June 28, 2015

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maxbfriedman: A completely unforgettable night: I was blown away by the astounding brilliance of @HedwigOnBway, of @darrencriss, and of my beloved @onerebeccajones. They shouted “Lift up your hands!” and a very live audience filled with the spirit of #NYCPride answered with the waving of dozens of #Rainbow flags. I damn near lost it. What a special night on #Broadway and what a magical night in my incredible favorite town. Oh, #Belasco, you’re too good. #RockNRoll #MusicalTheater #Pride #TonightsBill #PlaybillPride #NYC
June 28, 2015

From HedwigOnBway Facebook page, some comments about the June 28 (Pride) performance:

-From Vicki Hoskins:  "Sunday's performance was incredible!  Thank you for adding this.  It was a truly special night." 

-From Anthony Gaccione:  "Awesome show tonight!" 

Source:  HedwigOnBway Facebook, June 28, 2015 (click on "View more comments")

-From Anthony Gaccione:  "Last nights performance was electric!!!  So amazing and inspiring!  Glad I was a part of such a special night!"

-From Russell Paul Graves:  "I was there after the show. Darren is amazing!" 

Source:  HedwigOnBway Facebook, June 29 (click on "Comments" and "View more comments")

Search found 3 matches for Hedhead

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