This person went to see Hedwig because she knew her little sister was a big fan of Darren and of Glee.   It was interesting to see her (big sister's) reaction to seeing Darren in Hedwig.  
Marna G. wrote:
My sister is a huge fan of Glee and an even bigger fan of Darren Criss. When she learned I was going to New York on business and I asked her if she wanted to come along with me for some sister time I didn't have to twist her arm too hard - she said yes in a flash!

[. . . .]

I did not know what to expect. I purposely did not go to YouTube and look at the show up. I purposely did not watch any trailers or read about it because I wanted to get the full experience of my first Broadway show.

It was gut wrenchingly sad. It was racy, tawdry, wickedly funny, intense, loud, raw, powerful, full of energy. And oh my God was it powerful - just all around incredibly amazing.

I am a salt of the earth rock and roll girl. And this show did not disappoint - the numbers were great - the songs were great - Darren Criss delivered and his costar Rebecca Naomi Jones brought the house down! Not only can Darren sing - Rebecca Naomi Jones has some serious pipes as well.

I laughed- I cried - I found myself saying "WHAT THE HELL THIS IS CRAZY!!!"

[. . . ]

This kid really did a great job. The cast members were great as well as was the band.

Marna G. (posted on Yelp)
May 20, 2015

This person had seen Hedwig 12 times. 

Another tweet from Lauren Moran, a long-time Hedwig fan (as of May 8, 2015, she had seen the show on Broadway 19 times), about Darren in Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

Some tweets from someone who is a long-time fan of Hedwig and also is a fan of Darren.  It was interesting that this Hedwig fan was aware that other Hedwig fans would not believe him in terms of his praise of Darren's performance, but he nevertheless felt it important to state the truth about how much Darren's performance touched him.

And a friend of @rainerpism also made a comment about Darren's performance: