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darrencriss   Proud to be a supporter of @musiciansoncall and delivering the healing power of music to half a million patients and caregivers #MOCMoments
May 18, 2016

That background pic in Darren's instagram message (see above) is a reference to when he visited Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA in 2013.   See UCLA Health.org's instagram message (below).   This is the reason why Darren is my favorite celebrity and why I will continue to be a loyal fan:  His kindness to others.  As beautiful as he is on the outside, he is gorgeous on the inside.  Such a beautiful, kind, caring soul.


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[size=13]uclahealth: Throwback to Glee star and singer/songwriter Darren Criss’s (@darrencriss) visit to Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA, where he performed with Musicians On Call Bedside Performance Program (@musiciansoncall). Although Darren had many other commitments that day, he ended up staying for hours to play for the young patients and their families.
October 2013

2013:  Darren's visit to Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA through Musicians on Call:
The photographer who followed the musicians around the hospital as they sang to the children, wrote this note.

Musicians on Call wrote:

I had the amazing opportunity to shoot for Musicians On Call, a music therapy volunteer group, and follow Darren Criss (of Glee) while he did some bedside serenading at the UCLA Childrens Hospital.

I did my senior project in high school on music therapy and as someone who grew up playing and studying music, I know the impact that it can have on an individual and their feelings. It was totally great learning about Musicians On Call and hearing about the wonderful things they are doing in the world of music therapy with those who are hospitalized. It was even better seeing it in action! Darren is such a character it was so much fun watching him interact with the kids and incorporate their names and interests into songs so they could really relate to the music and to him. All the kids seemed to have a lot of fun there were tons of smiles and some singing. You really could tell that it lifted the spirits of the whole ward, doctors and nurses included.
-Sylvia Gunde
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[size=13]The part that she wrote about Darren trying to connect with the kids by him adding their names and their interests into the lyrics is just so him.  It's normally important to him that he connect with the audience.  But in this case, while singing to these kids who really needed the extra sunshine, I can imagine how much more Darren tried to have the children connect to him and to the music.

I didn't notice this the first time I saw these pictures.  But look at where this little girl is standing, while Darren stands at the other end of the hall.

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[size=13]Darren appears to be playing the guitar for her, and I'm guessing he probably was singing some lyrics urging her to walk to him.  Now look at where the little girl is standing in the photo below:

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Musicians On Call volunteers Tom Poleman, Darren Criss and Kenli Mattus visit Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA to brighten the days of patients.

[size=13]She's walking to him.  He helped motivate her to walk toward him.   :love  [/size]
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