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I liked the 2nd episode too, Jeremy!

Again, the entire cast was good, and I admire the writing.


--I agree, the storyline involving Ronnie was really, really interesting.  Max Greenfield did a wonderful job.  In a short time, he captured Ronnie's humanity.  I really felt for him, because of an illness which he thought would be the end of him  (I don't remember if he said he had HIV or if it was suggested by the show), but after being given the life-saving medication, now he doesn't seem to know what to do with his life, which is so tragic.  Max conveyed Ronnie's loneliness and emptiness, and showed why at the same time his suspicion of Andrew continued to grow, he also seemed grateful for Andrew's friendship.  To me, there were three great scenes involving Ronnie and Cunanan. 

The first scene was the conversation that Cunanan and Ronnie had while Cunanan was showering on the beach.  I agree with one of the critics, that the show reached just the right balance between showing  Cunanan's physical attractiveness, without distracting from the important conversation.   How good is Darren's acting where Cunanan makes up a fable of being proposed to by Versace and turning him down, then Cunanan swiftly and intensely defending Versace as his "friend" and as a great artist, when Ronnie seems lukewarm about Versace's clothing, followed by Cunanan passionately exclaiming (paraphrasing) that he sees the man (Versace) behind the clothing as a great creator, "the man I could have been."    Then another abrupt change in emotion of Cunanan, when Cunanan laughs when Ronnie makes a joke (something about could have been with Versace).

The second scene I really liked occurs when both Ronnie and Cunanan are getting high.  The result of Ronnie getting high:  He becomes silly and happy.  The result of Cunanan getting high:  He is taken over by darkness.  When Cunanan comes out of the bathroom with the duct tape on his face, Ronnie's reaction was priceless, in part horrified, in part (to the audience) comical in how taken aback Ronnie is (for good reason!).  And that great line from Ronnie--delivered perfectly by Max Greenfield, with dread and foreboding--to Cunanan (this is great writing!  I'm paraphrasing), "Andrew, what'd you do?"  Cunanan's response, "Nothing.  I've done nothing my whole life."   Wonderful acting.  Wonderful writing. 

The third scene between those two that you mentioned, Jeremy, that I loved, where they are saying their good-byes.  You sense Ronnie's anger, probably from his sense of being abandoned summarily by Cunanan, where he barks to Cunanan about where is the money (again, I'm paraphrasing) and Andrew stops in his tracks, turns, and comes marching back rapidly in that narrow hallway.  The camera turns to Ronnie's face, which shows fear, as Andrews reaches in his backpack as he approaches Ronnie.   The show suggests Cunanan could be pulling out a weapon, but he pulls out his wallet.  Was giving Ronnie money an act of kindness of Cunanan, or was Cunanan merely showing to Ronnie that Cunanan followed through and got the money he said he would?  Then that pause, and that sad question from Ronnie that follows, asking Cunanan if their friendship was real.  Was Cunanan's response an act of kindness to protect Ronnie from any involvement with Cunanan to avoid Ronnie getting tangled up with law enforcement, or simply to deny any clues to law enforcement, or both?

--The scene with the elderly client in his hotel room, was scary.  You are just waiting for the poor guy to be attacked with the scissors that Cunanan plays with in his hands as the elderly clients gasps for air and Cunanan dances around him.  When Cunanan pauses, and his face (especially his eyes) sets into a hardened expression, you are thinking, "Oh no"!!  Also, Darren is so graceful when he leaps on the bed, and hovers over the helpless elderly man; he made me think of a graceful animal attacking its prey.  (BTW did anyone notice that Darren used a dance move similar to one he used in Hedwig, and I thought, "no--don't use the Hedwig dance move!") 

--I also loved the scenes involving the Versace family.  I am in love with Edgar's Gianni Versace, so warm, and so passionate about his art, life and family.    I love the acting and the writing for the scene where Donatella asks a weak, ill Gianni, (paraphrasing), "What is Versace without you?"  Gianni:  "It will be you."  Donatella:  "What am I without you?"  Such a complex sibling relationship, competitive, with different philosophies about life and art, but so full of love and respect for each other. I really felt Donatella's grief in the scene where she lovingly dresses Gianni in the coffin.  I cried at that scene.

The conflict between Donatella and Antonio is understandable, but yet so sad.  I understand Donatella's anger against Antonio because she loves her brother so much and has to blame someone other than her brother.  But I really feel for Antonio, who loves Gianni deeply, and is attacked by Donatella. He is right.  Gianni is not a saint; Gianni is a man who he made his own choices. 

I also love the writing and the acting in that scene where Donatella and Gianni are arguing about models and  clothing.  The language was so beautiful.  I loved it.  All I remember now is Gianni saying near the end of the dialogue, "Life is precious," but all of Gianni's speech was beautiful.  And I loved what he said about the Versace bride, not being timid, being strong, having lived life.  

And yes, the fake Donatella person was funny  :big grin (although still a tense scene, due to Cunanan watching intensely).

Oh and I liked the scenes with the woman detective, who was trying to correct all of the FBI's incompetence, and the FBI's lack of caring. 

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From Darren Criss Army:

Haven't had a chance to watch this yet.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace | Inside Season 2: The Mansion | FX

Versace’s villa tells a story. The cast and crew explain the power of shooting in his actual Miami home.

(Source: youtube.com)

I liked this scene.  I liked the way Darren skillfully transitions his facial expressions.  

Nina Star plays the young girl observing Andrew Cunanan in Episode 2 of ACS Versace (”Manhunt”). The episode aired Jan 24 2018 in the US, the bit of Andrew waving was cut.

Via Nina’s IG post, Dec 21 2017: 

“Yay, finally I saw the preview! #FX #versace #NinaStar” 

“yes! It was filmed a few months back”

“starts Jan 17th , not sure when the episode I’m in airs, but I can’t watch it because it is rated M”

via Darren Criss Army

That's so Darren to lighten the mood, especially for a young actor like Nina.  Glad he made her laugh and feel comfortable.  He's such a sweetie.  heart

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Topics tagged under acting on Darren Criss Fan Community Tumblr_p355bprnVv1ubd9qxo2_400

Topics tagged under acting on Darren Criss Fan Community Tumblr_p355bprnVv1ubd9qxo1_1280
Nina Star plays the girl observing Andrew Cunanan on Episode 2 of ACS Versace (”Manhunt”)

1. Nina’s comment on Lyla Katz’s IG post, Jan 4 2018

2. Nina’s IG post, Jan 24 2018: “airs tonight on #FX #theassinationofgianniversace #canonlywatchmyscene #acting ##heythatsme

From Dcriss-archive:

“Inside Look: The Mansion” | Source
*Darren Edit

via dcriss-archive


Fan Experiences During 2016 - Thu Oct 20, 2016 5:24 pm

Another St. Ignatius friend/alum, who did musicals and choir together with Darren.  So sweet to see him reunited with his old friends.

Topics tagged under acting on Darren Criss Fan Community Tumblr_ofcrmkqF7n1uetdyxo1_500
reezepeeze: #tbt to yesterday. From being in SI musicals & choir together to now being artists in the entertainment industry. Mom, dad– The kids are alright.  credit made possible by @tinrannosaurus #Amdg #wearesi #glee #hedwig #counselorcenterkids #entertainment #music #acting #idoitforthewine #ignatian #artists
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