In remembrance of those people who lost their lives on September 11, 2001, as well as all those who lost their lives over the years to terrorism.

Darren posted some nice messages and pics today.

From dailydarrennews:

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darrencriss 15 years ago was one of the worst days our country has ever seen. And now I’m watching the sun go down over a proud, strong, beautiful city where our flag is hung on every post and the people dance on the pier, with the Freedom Tower standing tall in the background. I say this completely un-ironically for the first time, but America- fuck yeah.
September 11, 2016

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Via Darren’s Snapchat - September 11, 2016

The first part of this is lovely to watch.  The second part is an example of Darren celebrating life in his own wacky, exuberant way.


Via Darren’s Snapchat (September 11, 2016)

September 11 2016   (Source)

Here is a compilation of Darren's snapchat with captions.  It continues to show the celebration of life and the beauty of life, through Darren's eyes. 



Compilation of Darren’s snapchat (with captions per request) - September 11th, 2016

(via  gleekto)

Darren went again to a Vulpeck show (September 10).  :happy face

I love the joy that is apparent here.  The Energizer Bunny happily hopping around with his friends, making fun music.

alexamitchell7: I didn’t think @darrencriss was actually performing in front of us. Even afterward when I ask him for a picture with @cait_joy_rear I still didn’t believe it was him. I’m a very clueless person #itwashim #hewasverynice #caitsheadedforthehills #brooklynbowl

September 11, 2016

katbakke: Best 1997 cover I’ve heard in a long time, mmmmbop baby! #newyork #vulfpeck

bbarcos3: MMMM BOP Awesomee @vulfpeck @theokatzman @darrencriss


This one cracked me up.  :big grin
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September 11 2016   (Source)

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