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It's true that Darren has at different times referred to himself as a white dude, and at other times, talked about how his Filipino heritage is something he's proud of.  I've always found that confusing, but I agree, he has said both things. I've seen other fans be confused about this as well.  But I always just thought that he was speaking in generalities, since usually when he referred to himself as a white dude, he wasn't specifically talking about whether or not he was a person of color or whether he was part Filipino.

I agree that when Darren made the comment, "on paper, I guess I am, and yes, I grew up in a Filipino household, but I never really thought of it that way," that he was responding to the question of "Do you consider yourself a person of color?"   The thing is, though, if one is Filipino, or part Filipino, then having some Filipino heritage means you are partially of Asian ancestry, which means you are at least partially, a person of color.   So to me, it seems inconsistent, on the one hand, to identify as white, and on the other hand, say you are proud of being part Filipino (since being Filipino is recognized by most as one type of Asian ancestry, and being of Asian ancestry is recognized generally as one of the minority groups/groups that are recognized as being of color).

I understand that the issue of letting others define how one views one's identity may be something that you do not feel is your place to comment on.  I felt comfortable commenting on that issue, because Darren referred to it when he talked about obstacles that persons of color face in the entertainment industry, thus suggesting that unfortunately, there are others in the entertainment industry who will place obstacles to persons of color, and since he himself has not experienced that treatment from others, that this absence of having obstacles placed in his path by others in the entertainment industry was a reason that Darren used to illustrate why it never occurred to him that he was a person of color. 

I get that there is a difference of opinion on this.  I'm of course, speaking for myself.  So for me, I personally find it confusing to understand how one could simultaneously say that one is proud of one's Asian ancestry (in Darren's case, his Filipino ancestry) and also define oneself as white, since if one has an Asian ancestry or part of an Asian ancestry, then one is generally considered to be at least partially a person of color.   I'm not saying there is anything wrong with Darren as identifying as white at all.  That is his right to identify as white, just as it would be his right to identify as Asian, or to identify as mixed race (Asian and white/Irish).  And of course, I respect his right to identify as he chooses.  I'm just sharing how I was surprised by his statement, since he had made statements in the past that seemed to me to be inconsistent.

Thanks for the answer about the house that Norman and Andrew Cunanan moved into.  I would not want to live in a house that my dear friend was brutally murdered in.  It would make me so sad.  

I don't think my thoughts are much different from the reviews, and there are so many reviews.  I think I'll keep my comments shorter for that reason, since I'm a slow writer and typist.   I look forward to hearing your thoughts, but if you're busy, no worries.  We understand how life can keep us pretty busy.  :happy face

Yes, it's so nice to see Darren receive all this well-deserved praise.  I'm very proud of him, and so happy for him.  He's done a remarkable job on Versace.  Truly.  heart

Thank you for sharing what you heard on that German podcast.  So, was that podcast person saying he's seen Darren before he saw Darren as Andrew Cunanan in Versace and has thought Darren has a kind face, or was he saying that he saw Darren on YouTube afterward and thought Darren has a kind face, or was he saying that even as Andrew Cunanan, Darren's face as Andrew's face, at times may pass as kind (such as in Andrew's vulnerable moments, especially earlier in Andrew's life, such as when he and David Madson were together in the Mandarin Oriental hotel)?    Eek.  The name he called him. Neutral

From Darren Criss Army:

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@FilAmCreative #FilipinoAmericans @JonJonBriones, @CarlinJames and @TheIsaBriones will be joining @DarrenCriss & the cast of @FXNetworks’ @ACSFX (THE ASSASSINATION OF GIANNI VERSACE: AMERICAN CRIME STORY) on a new episode this #Wednesday, #March14th at 10pm. Photos by @Sthanlee. #ACSVersace

Wow, 4.5 month labor of love.  I'm looking forward to seeing the episode.   I wonder if it's not unusual to spend that amount of time on an episode.  I'm guessing the episode is going run longer?
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mattbomer Excited to announce my directorial debut next Wednesday, March 14th at 10 PM on @americancrimestoryfx This was a 4 and a half month labor of love that I worked my a#% off on. The cast and creative team of #acsversace are phenomenally talented, and I’m so grateful to @mrrpmurphy and the many incredible mentors who helped to make this a reality for me. I hope you can tune in to see! #acs #fxnetwork #versace #directorialdebut [camera emoji] by the brilliant Shelly Westerman

From acsversace-news:

This is nice, the increase of the Live + 3 ratings of Episode 6:

TV by the Numbers wrote:
‘Atlanta’ premiere more than doubles in cable Live +3 ratings for Feb. 26-March 4

March 9, 2018

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Source:  http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/dvr-ratings/atlanta-premiere-more-than-doubles-in-cable-live-3-ratings-for-feb-26-march-4/