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If you have a chance, check out this fan art video.  It's really very wonderful!

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My very first full animation inspired by the #LostBoysLifeEP by @weplaycomputers is up on youtube, link in my bio!
I’m really getting into digital art these days, especially with a band name like “Computer Games” and the super fun music of the Lost Boys Life EP inspiring me to make a full animated video! It took me almost 3 months to make 1min 43secs of content, and I almost gave up a few times, but it’s finally finished! I used Photoshop because it’s what I’m used to, but if I ever decide to make another one I’ll probably try another program.

I hope everyone enjoys it and checks out the EP available on Spotify and iTunes! #notsponsored #iwishlol

@charlescriss @darrencriss @weplaycomputers #computergames #risingstar #digitalart #8bit #vintagesupermarioinspired

May 21, 2017

via Darren Criss Army

Here is her youtube video:

Computer Games - Lost boys Life EP Animation
Diana Dee
May 21, 2017

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