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Darren being his usual sweet and generous self.  I can see him telling the young cousin of this woman to go ahead and chat with him as he walks.   Very sweet. 
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When you’re walking from one play and out from another play comes your cousin’s love of her life and he just walks down the streets on NYC with you taking selfies… you can say it’s been a good day. #darrencriss #k8ee_b #nyc

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The companion instagram of the young cousin:

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k8ee_b: Thank you so much @darrencriss for taking time to take this photo and shake my hand and inspiring me and being my middle school heartthrob and being a real down to earth person and an incredible musician and composer and performer and I’m still in awe that this happened. I can’t find the words to explain how much the conversation with you and taking this photo meant to me.
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