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I wonder what this is about???  confused 
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@SOPHIANNECARUSO: Photoshoot with @DarrenCriss today for @TodayTixUK  heart {#}BroadwayBabes{/#}
March 23, 2017


Oooh. This intrigues me!  Darren is clean-shaven and he's at a photo shoot for Today Tix (she tweeted later that she didn't mean UK):

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@DarrenCriss @TodayTixUK oops I meant to tag @TodayTix :happy face

She is linked to the musical "Lazarus" and she mentioned that the photo shoot is somehow related to that: 

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Feeling spoiled at the super secret shoot today for @TodayTix @Lazarus_Musical {#}lazarus{/#} {#}lazarusmusical{/#} {#}broadwaybaby{/#} join me on Instagram!

"Lazarus" is a musical based on "The Man Who Fell to Earth" that was scored by David Bowie and played in London and the off-Broadway production starred . . . Michael C. Hall. Someone also told me that Alan Cumming was attached to this production, but I can't seem to find a reference for that. "The Man Who Fell to Earth" was also made into a movie which starred David Bowie. The off-Broadway production supposedly received mixed reviews (until Bowie's untimely death).

This actress (who played "the bullet" in "Hamilton and was also in "A Bronx Tale" also tweeted today:
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arianadebose: Lunching & being silly with @darrencriss for @todaytix

I'm trying my hardest not to let my imagination and hopes get away from me, but . . . I am.   A David Bowie project would definitely be something Darren would be stoked to be a part of.   8)

. . . Or it could be something completely different and I am totally off-base here, which is more than likely.   :big grin  
There are some talented people attached to this project though . . . whatever it is.  
What are you up to, Mr Criss?! Whatever this photo shoot is for, I hope Darren enjoys the process.  

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March 20                   Supergirl [b]Musical Crossover (on the CW)

[/b]March 21                   The Flash Musical Crossover (on the CW)

March 21                   The Late Late Show with James Corden on CBS.

April 8, 2017.             University of Michigan Bicentennial Celebration.

Don't forget his WE Day New York appearance at Radio City Music Hall on April 6th!!

Okay, I just went to the WE Day site (see link above) and when you hover over Darren's pic/name on the celebrity list, it says, "indie alt-pop band from brothers Darren and Chuck Criss."

Does that mean Computer Games will perform at WE Day?  That sounds highly likely since Darren has performed at past WE Day celebrations. I hope so. That would be awesome!  Yea!

ETA:  My apologies for the wonky cut/paste of Sophia's tweets. I dunno how to do that correctly . . . obviously.  Embarassed