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I wasn't able to post so much material, but better late than never!


mlb_entertainment: Our Artist Profile with @darrencriss & @charlescriss of@weplaycomputers will be up on August 16th on our site: www.mlb.com/e Here’s a sneak peak!  :guitar #darrencriss #chuckcriss #computergames #newmusic#popmusic #popband #mlb #mlbadvancedmedia #newyorknewyork #interviews #glee #alternativepop #entertainmentnews #artistprofile

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This is funny.  Chuck is funny.  "That's really bad. . . . That's the worse piece of music I ever heard in my entire life.  You might want to try again."  Ouch!  laugh until you cry  And Darren:  "I'm still hurt, but just not as much [because it's my brother saying this to me]."  :amused

Computer Games discusses the dynamic of writing music as siblings (August 16th, 2017) | Source

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mlb_entertainment: In the studio today @charlescriss & @darrencriss of Computer Games@weplaycomputers. Thanks for stopping by guys. #computergames #darrencriss #chuckcriss #mlb#mlbadvancedmedia #mlbentertainment#newyorknewyork #sonyfs700

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"MLB Entertainment gives fans an insider look at the successes and failures of athletes and entertainers, and how they got to where they are today. mlb.com/entertainment"

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baeblemusic: Darren Criss of Computer Games and the hit show, Glee, stopped by Baeble HQ to remind us to have FUN

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"Baeble Music is a Brooklyn-based music platform dedicated to providing high quality, originally produced video programming that extends far beyond its web-based home and its city borders. The Baeble Platform spans the Web, Video Apps, Smart TV's, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV and now Cable TV in 50 markets.

With well-trained eyes focused on emerging music scenes, Baeble crafts unique, narrative portraits of prominent and up-and-coming artists and bands. Through its full length concert videos and intimate sessions, Baeble is revolutionizing the way music is consumed by providing free front-row tickets to be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home."

Search found 2 matches for mlb

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