Yea, my computer lives on!  Thanks guys for well wishes for my computer.  :happy face

Lin wrote:I've been meaning to figure out how to embed tumblr videos, so I'll just try that now...
(Ok, this works for me, but you might need to allow html in your preferences first to see the videos, so I'm putting them under a spoiler tag. Please let me know if it's working for you!)

Wow, Lin, so cool that you figured out how to embed non-youtube videos here.   If it's not too much trouble, do you mind posting a lesson on how you did it in this Topic/thread?   Some General Instructions of How to Use this Site  Thank you in advance, Lin! 

I love seeing Darren perform at his friend's wedding.  He sounds good.    Thanks again, Lin, for posting those videos and also the lovely pics!

One more wedding-related pic, with a nice message.  Darren looks cute in the pic.   She looks lovely. 
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mtothe_ila: And some days, my job delivers me more joy than usual. Had the honor of meeting the amazingly talented, humble, beautiful soul that is @darrencriss. Thank you for sharing your voice and your passion with the world, and for our wonderful conversation. You are extraordinary.  heart #lyman #lymanestate #waltham #weddingplanner #eventplanner #darrencriss #art #music #soul #AHSHotel #girlmostlikely #newmorning #headwig #headwigandtheangryinch #glee #gleeks

Aw. is Darren going to be at San Diego Comic Con 2016, for Transformers Robots in Disguise?  
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