Opening Night (Wednesday, November 2, 2016), Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the Hollywood Pantages!

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During my 1st year undergraduate at CAL I took a comparative literature class. We watched this movie and I FELL IN LOVE with the story! Seeing it today on opening night was like a dream. Darren Criss was amazing. Ugh my mind has been blown
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Some tweets:

Note:  Olesya Rulin is an actor (High School Musical)

Note:  Sara Rue is an actor (films and TV shows:  Popular, Less Than perfect, and Eastwick!).

Beth Hall (Mad Men, Mom) also was present.

This made me laugh.  He is the Managing Editor of  (although Chik Fil A??).

This twitter video is fantastic, giving a great view of the crowd on Opening Night at the Pantages!