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It is funny to think that I've been a fan of Darren for over five years.  I don't even remember when I started to follow Darren, but it probably was sometime during the end of season 2 of Glee, or beginning of season 3, so at least since early 2012.  I know others have been following him since his StarKid days (2009?  2010?).    It's nice to know (but no surprise) that he has such loyal fans. 

From DarrenCrissArmy:

I never saw this video before.  Cute.  :happy face

Betsy Wolfe ‏@BetsyWolfe

Happy Birthday to the one and only @DarrenCriss  #oneyearago
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Aw, I knew Joaquin would say Happy Birthday to Darren.  :happy face 

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Topics tagged under oneyearago on Darren Criss Fan Community Tumblr_okxmmh6TZl1ubd9qxo2_500

This is so cute!  I Love how she had captured so many of his roles.  Big fan of her art. heart
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    @darrencriss I wish you a wonderful birthday! Thank you for bringing so many inspiring characters to life!

From dailydarrennews, a birthday video:

Such a sweet message from Mason Alexander Park.  You can also see Mia.  Gleekto and others believe the other man is Michael Thomas Grant, who Darren had sung with.  So sweet to see how happy Darren is singing this StarKid song, "Granger Danger." 

masonalexanderpark: Wishing a happy freakin birthday to my sister from another mister, @darrencriss  This night I proclaimed that there would be no Darren Criss on Glee without A Very Potter Musical, and we proceeded to have a jam session to the very silly show that completely changed my life as a teen. So thankful to have this talented and loving man in my life. #happybirthday #darrencriss #averypottermusical
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I thought I also would post this about Mason Alexander Park's conversation with one of Darren's fans.  As she says, this just confirms my belief that Darren is such a beautiful soul--the main reason why I am such a big fan of his (along with his talent and quirky personality).  heart heart heart
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I think I’ve never shared this here but the video Mason just posted reminded me of this…when I went to see Hedwig in LA, my sister, a friend of mine and I had the chance to talk for a bit to Mason when he came out of the stage door and he was the sweetest. We chatted for a while and he told us how amazing, kind and sweet Darren is, especially as a coworker. Like he told us how, even if he never got to actually play Hedwig in SF nor LA, Darren let him handle the rehearsals so that he could be prepared and be ready and that he made him (and everybody else) feel important in the process. Like, he made sure to point out how genuine and nice he is and how working with him is a beautiful thing since he makes sure to always make everybody feel included. I was honestly bursting with pride. I’m so happy to be a fan of such a good person :big grin

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Another birthday wish from a StarKid friend.  :happy face
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    abrunetti1: Happy birthday, @darrencriss! You’re a great friend and I am always blown away by your talent and hospitality. Some of my favorite gigs have been your shows! Until next time! Love ya!
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