Another audio of that preview of "Every Single Night" single from Computer Games' EP.  :happy face

From Darren Criss Army:

# Repost  @weplaycomputers Help us live it up #EverySingleNight
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So nice of Mason Trueblood (Season 6 Warblers) to show his support.  :happy face

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Darren is visiting some media today.  I'm guessing he's talking about both Computer Games' music launch concert tomorrow, as well as talking about his role as the Music Meister on The Flash and Supergirl, and maybe about Versace:  American Crime Story.  I hope he has a date for the release of the EP and also has an update on his film, Smitten!    :fingers crossed

From Darren Criss Army:

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Darren and Chuck on Teen Vogues IG Live 3/7/17
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From dailydarrennews:

It looks like Darren is tentatively scheduled to be on Conan.  :happy face  I remember that Darren holds Conan in high esteem, so I'm glad he is going to be on his show. 

Headline Planet wrote:
Aubrey Plaza, Darren Criss, Old 97's Listed for March 14 "Conan"

Tentative listings say to expect Aubrey Plaza, Darren Criss and Old 97's on the March 14 "Conan."

Aubrey Plaza and Darren Criss are headed back to “Conan.”

Per listings issued to television providers, Plaza and Criss will appear as interview guests on the March 14 edition of TBS’ late-night talk show.

[. . . ]

Like all talk show listings, “Conan” lineups are subject to change. Headline Planet will provide an update in the event Plaza, Criss or Old 97’s are moved from the 3/14 show.

Anyone interested in 2 tickets to the Computer Games release party/concert at the Mercury Lounge in NYC tomorrow (Wednesday March 8, 2017)?
slayediest: wrote:

So it turns out I have 2 extra tickets for the Criss Bros’ Computer Games show at Mercury Lounge tomorrow night. Face value (which with fees, etc comes to ~$21). Please message me through tumblr if you’re interested.  Thanks!
(I’m at work, so I’ll get back to folks as soon as I can.)

Darren at People Magazine:
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amanda_rosen It’s not everyday that the 8th floor kitchen has goldfish AND Darren Criss. :heart eyes    #lifeattime #peoplemagazine

Darren at Refinery 29:
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kathrynfiona when I tried to post this with my preferred amount of exclamation points Instagram marked it as spam so