This comment was posted on Instagram on June 6, 2015:
[size=13]lizdikinson [/size]    "Few occasions where I've witnessed a performer leave their soul out on the stage. I am speechless. Thank you Darren Criss. Thank you John Cameron Mitchell. #hedwig : @manderz323"



This person is a fan of Darren and of Glee. 

A Twitter conversation about Darren in Hedwig:


H. Alan Scott responded:

And Susan Stripling joined in the conversation:

And Darren also joined in:
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Note:  Dave Holmes is an author and TV personality.   H. Alan Scott is a writer and comedian.   Susan Stripling is a Hedwig fan, who has seen all the Hedwig actors on Broadway at that time (NPH, Andrew Rannells, Michael C. Hall, John Cameron Mitchell, and Darren).   When I scrolled down her twitter page during the time period of Season 6, I did not see any tweets about Glee.  She did tweet that she was excited and happy about the news that Darren was cast as Hedwig.

This is sweet.