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loveistherythm: A lot of people I know have been passing on recently. It’s making me think about all the things I’ve wanted to do before I die. Meeting this guy & saying thank you to him was one of those things back when I was 16. Crazy thats it’s been 9 years, but I still gotta support him. His music still speaks my soul language. & his way with words somehow articulates exactly how I feel. I want to express my gratitude for this beautiful soul that shines so brightly. His sincerity inspired me to shine my own light & if I didn’t have him as role model (back before I was engulfed & surrounded by my culture basically 24/7 & all of these strong role models that I see now), I’d probably be a little less bright. So thank you, Darren. It means a lot that u saw me as a good person. I see you. Kaqinalin hands in the air @darrencriss #my16yearoldselfDIED #gratitude #darrencriss #inspiration #rolemodel #goalsaccomplished #goodshow #homeworkep #homeworkepshow #theglobe #darrencrissAttheglobe
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