This person is a Hedwig fan (saw NPH and JCM) and a fan of Darren.  She did a review of Darren in Hedwig on his opening night:

theythrewtomatoes wrote:I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud of someone I didn’t know before. And speaking solely as a Hedwig fan, Darren Criss blows the motherfucking ROOF off of the Belasco! What a sensational Hedwig.

April 29, 2015

She also wrote:

theythrewtomatoes wrote:
I feel like I should clarify, since a lot of people seem to think that I’m just a rando Hedwig fan. I’m a BIG Darren Criss fan, but I’ve been a MASSIVE Hedwig fan for fifteen years. My username is a quote from the show, for god’s sake. What I meant was that I could look at it with an objective eye and see that I loved him in the show not just because it’s him, but because he does a GREAT job. He needs to settle in a little more, and he rushes a few of the jokes . . . He commits totally . . .

I’ll be very excited to see it again in a month or so after he’s settled in more; half of that show is the audience’s energy and he’s gonna need to get more comfy up there. But he’s pretty darn comfy already.

Also, he sings the SHIT out of it. I was worried after hearing him in H2$, because he (and he admits fully) doesn’t have a classic broadway caliber voice. But this show sits lower had allows for more personal interpretation, and is ALL rock n roll, so it’s sits beautifully in his voice and he rarely falters.

April 30, 2015

Here is her review of Darren in July:

theythrewtomatoes wrote:
Saw Hedwig for the sixth time today, fourth time with Darren (I also saw NPH and JCM) today was most likely the last time I see Darren, as I’m broke at the moment, but wanted to share my thoughts.

Darren shocked the hell outta me in this role. His Hedwig is energetic, sassy, hopeful, mean and broken. I’ve never heard him sing so well; this score sits perfectly in his voice and it’s clear he adores singing it.

I’ve been a fan of his since Teenage Dream, but I’ve been a massive, unwavering Hedwig fan since I was 15 (in case anyone’s unaware, I’m 30). My loyalty was to her, and JCM, and the glorious piece of art he and Steven Trask created. I was ready to be disappointed or at least underwhelmed, but he knocks it out of the water. He’s actually my favorite in terms of singing the role (NPH’s voice is too pingy and musical theater, JCM doesn’t have some of the high notes anymore)

His Tommy Gnosis is my favorite part of the show. The way he transforms his physicality into an awkward teenage boy is unlike all the other Hedwigs I’ve seen, and I’m struck by how in all four of the major characters he portrays we never hear his real voice. It’s rare to get even a glimpse of Darren’s singing voice in the music; he is always Hedwig, or Tommy (in fact in sounds like he’s channeling Billy Joe Armstrong during the Wicked Little Town reprise, so even when he’s playing a character who would be the same age as him singing rock n roll, it’s still not him). I finally noticed today that we never hear him, he has infused every character with a different sound.

I don’t even have a way to wrap this up. He just deserves to be extremely proud of his run in this sensational revival.

July 5, 2015

This person is a Hedwig fan, who is passionate about JCM.  She grieved when JCM's performance run came to an end.  She saw both NPH and JCM in the role.   She does not consider herself to be a Gleek, but she knew of Darren, and was supportive of his casting when it was announced.

This person is a big Hedwig fan and saw the show on Broadway 16 times as of July 2015.   She loved MCH and JCM, and saw Darren twice. I scrolled down her twitter page during the period of season 6 of Glee and I did not see any tweets indicating she followed Glee or Darren (although her niece is a fan of Darren).

I'm guessing Darren was his usual kind self to @RuhamaAlice's niece:

A nice tweet:

Note:  She is an actor and model.   Scrolling down her twitter page during the period of Season 6 of Glee, I didn't see any other tweets about Glee or Darren.