A review by a fan of Darren:

i-and-my-annabel-lee (formerly everydayiscrissmas) wrote:
My personal journey with Hedwig

The show right now is on a completely different level compared to the bootleg, and Darren and Hedwig’s confidence have blown up, such as his voice, physicality and improvisation skills. The vibe of the show is so much more present and the way he portrait the character and says his lines is surer and convincing.

I have been blown away by his different voices and characters. The way he switches between an older and bolder Hedwig to a younger and insecure Tommy made me emotional. The way he bends his shoulders and hangs his head and lowers his eyes or picks at the fishnets really hit the mark. I had the change to admire the expressions of his face up close twice and the way Hedwig strokes her arm or the unfocused glance she has when she mentions her father hit me really hard.

As  we all know by now, Darren’s voice is out of this world. I think this musical and these songs fit really well with his vocal skills and Darren said this himself on the first Hedwig press interview. But in my opinion, in this musical, the main instrument is his body. He fully owns his body from head to toe and there isn’t a movement made by accident or meaningless. He bends it and stretches it as he pleases and every flex of his muscles is a spurt of energy. The way he walks, the way he ponders each steps and the way he holds his hips is mesmerizing and captivating.

[ . . . ]

I already knew how much this show is important for Darren, but what surprised me the most is that you really feel it in your gut. As I said to Darren at stage door, we can really see how much this show means to him and how much passion he has for this story. The audience is under Hedwig’s spell, it’s in her hands and at her feet from the moment she puts her golden boots on the roof of the car since the very last note.

What moved me the most? Not the songs, as I was expecting. I was very moved by the whispered and sincere “thank you” Hedwig gives to her husband after The Long Grift – her body completely bended and her eyes wide open and honest – and the deep and pregnant silence after Wicked Little Town Reprise, underlined by Hedwig’s lost and disoriented glance.

The show is a wild roller coaster ride, is a complete and full and compelling experience from beginning to end and every time is a total different journey. I’m glad Hedwig took me with her and led me through the dark turns and noise of her wicked little story.

July 11, 2015

@haterobics is a Hedwig fan and has seen all of the actors who played Hedwig on Broadway.  He is a big fan of JCM.    He already had tweeted this after seeing Darren in Hedwig on July 2.  (He also posted about Darren on theBroadwayWorld.com message board.  I'll include comments from that message board in this thread at a later point.)

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July 2, 2015

He saw Darren in Hedwig a second time:

He tweeted about Darren, to Tyler Oakley.  :happy face