Thanks for researching upcoming new shows on Broadway for us.   That was helpful.   Aw, too bad Darren doesn't fit the age group for those characters in The Cursed Child.  I had no idea what the approximate age of the characters are, so that was helpful info from you.   Can you imagine how happy he would be if he got a role in that show?

I was thinking the same thing, that maybe it's BroadwayCon, and Perez didn't know that BroadwayCon isn't a Broadway musical/play. 

Or maybe Perez is speaking loosely, and it's a workshop kind of thing, that isn't yet ready for a Broadway theater, but has aspirations of eventually opening up on Broadway.

This probably isn't applicable, but there have been recent tweets about Headless the Musical (the rock musical about Sleepy Hollow). 

Bradley Bredeweg is connected to Headless the Musical (as the producer and director I think):