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‘American Crime Story’: New 'Versace’ Installment Details | Access Hollywood

First Look at FX’s “Versace: American Crime Story”


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Aw, so nice of Lea Salonga
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BTS photo of the EW’s cover | Source

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entertainmentweekly: Go inside the next, highly-anticipated installment of @AmericanCrimeStoryFX! #PenelopeCruz#Ricky Martin, #DarrenCriss and #EdgarRamírez take you behind the scenes of the series. #ACSVersace #ACSFX

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The EW issue is worth buying, but here’s some details about the Versace production from it that I haven’t seen mentioned elsewhere.

Spoilers follow.

- Ricky and Edgar have already shot a sex scene.
- Versace was reportedly HIV-positive and the production is going to treat this as truth.
- Donatella’s biggest concern about the project was her children being depicted, so they removed that element.
- There will be nine episodes, instead of ten like OJ had.
- Instead of a standard writers’ room, Tom Rob Smith is expected to craft all nine episodes.
- OJ had a linear narrative, but Versace will cut back and forth between 1997 and Versace’s and Cunanan’s pasts.
- “There’s a propulsive thriller energy to the episodes, as well as heavy doses of family politics and glamour.”
- Giorgio Armani will appear but has yet to be cast.
- Edgar Ramirez: “It’s a very dramatic story. It’s a story about family. It’s a story about fate. In a way it’s very classic - it’s almost like a Greek tragedy.”
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