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Fan Experiences During 2017 - Mon Sep 18, 2017 12:55 am

From dcriss-archive:

Fun  pic taken in Las Vegas.  :happy face
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bleekerandjuno: Bye. Deceased. Done. Today is finished. Pack up and go home everyone. @darrencriss & @sunsetstrippa are legit the cutest???  :heart eyes heart  #dragbrunch #darrencriss #miavonglitz #drag #brunch #seniorfrogs#seniorfrogsdragbrunch #dragqueen #queen #glee #lgbtq #vegas #lv #lasvegas #treasureisland

September 17, 2017

This is an interesting photo.  I like the way the sun is streaming on them, and Darren's vivacious facial expression--you can tell he's having so much fun interacting with fans at stagedoor for Hedwig (on Broadway).    Kind words from this fan.  :happy face

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alemontes_actor: @darrencriss #darrencriss uno de mis artistas juveniles favoritos. Tremendo cantante, gran actor… pedazo de artista, con mucho futuro . . .

tuve la gran suerte de verlo actuar en vivo #actor #show #broadway #nyc
*one of my favorite young artists. Tremendous singer, great actor … kind artist, with a lot of future [I was lucky to see him perform live]

September 13, 2017

via dcriss-archive
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Just 8 more days until Word Theatre's "In the Cosmos," a charitable event in Los Angeles, with a star-studded cast.  Get your tickets now, folks!

Cute video of Darren showing his love for Haim.
DarrenCriss: Been a while since I’ve seen @HAIMtheband , getting pumped for their #ALTSummerCamp like

August 19, 2017

via dcriss-archive

Posting some items that I didn't have a chance to post earlier:

From dcriss-archive:

I wish this would come true!  Darren would be deliriously happy, can you imagine?
wizardsandwhatnot wrote:
Darren Criss should play Harry Potter in The Cursed Child

August 18, 2017

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Darren Criss has always dreamed of playing Harry Potter. Is The Cursed Child his way to do that?

It’s time. Well, it’s almost time. Once The Cursed Child comes to Broadway and the original cast all play their roles, it will be time. Time to fulfill a prophecy written in 2009 on Youtube that a boy with curly hair fulfills after playing Harry Potter in a play (musical).

It’s always been Criss’s dream to play the boy who lived on stage, and now that the Cursed Child is coming to Broadway, could it happen? He wouldn’t be playing the young Harry that he played in A Very Potter Musical, but he’s getting old enough to play Albus’s father! It wouldn’t be a perfect fit, but it could work if they really wanted it!

Imagine the actor having his dream come true, and playing his favorite character on stage! He has the ability to play the character, and the experience to possibly make him someone they would want! Of course, he’s famous for STARKID, his role in How to Succeed in Business, Hedwig and the Angry Inch!

Dream for the fans too!

For me, this would also be a dream come true. As much as I love STARKID’s productions on Youtube including their Harry Potter trilogy. Even though I probably wouldn’t be able to see the show, I love knowing that actors’ dreams are coming true. And Darren Criss is just like us, a fan of this mega phenomenon, who probably has wild theories and opinions about Harry Potter and Hermione, and who knows what else!

It will be great to see the original cast play on Broadway for what I hope is a long time, and that the show doesn’t close before it’s time like most show on the Great White Way. Who knows, now that I’ve opened the door to personal opinions about who should play who on Broadway, maybe we’ll write more about it!

Link:  https://wizardsandwhatnot.com/2017/08/17/darren-criss-cursed-child/amp/

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Topics tagged under dragqueen on Darren Criss Fan Community Tumblr_ouugeiEeRj1wpi2k2o1_1280
darrencriss: CominATyaHotnFresh -@PattiCakesMovie in theaters this Friday, maybe near you? Support this small film with a big heart! Produced by my hometown pal @ChrisColumbus - whose work I grew up with. Thanks for that, Chris. #TotallyAwesome

Cute pic. :happy face
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lindsayslowhands: @darrencriss Came Thru @hellatightsf Such a Sweetie colors :@shotinthecityphotography

The rest of the tags for the instagram are:
"#bubblegumpop #danceparty #hellatightsf #dragshow #dragqueen #lindsayslowhands #undergroundsf #sanfrancisco #nightlife #90sbitch #bubblegumbitch #teendream #candycunt #darrencriss #glee #hedwig #chonies #shotinthecityphotography "

Search found 2 matches for dragqueen

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