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I missed a few photos earlier, so am adding them now.  :happy face

From dailydarrennews:

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thejoemoses Rocking my @umichlaw for #hedwig round II. Always so proud to see @darrencriss kill it. Almost makes up for daylight robbery that was the Michigan game. But seriously this is an awesome show, and Darren rocks it. Much love and forever #goblue.

November 26 2016

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tessanetting Oh @darrencriss you are so phenomenal on stage I’m so lucky I got to see you again as the glorious Hedwig- thank you @thejoemoses for bringing me heart #liftupyourhands
Some tweets:

Will Friedle (Transformers: Robots in Disguise) saw Darren.  :happy face

Note:  Nicole Dubuc is a writer (Transformers) and an actor.

Note:  Christine Boylan is a writer for TV (Castle).

From dailydarrennews:

A nice pic at curtain call for the preview show on October 2. 

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theshirin Darren Criss slaying as Hedwig. Will go see him again. Highly recommend.
October 02 2016

This person is a Hedwig fan (saw NPH and JCM) and a fan of Darren.  She did a review of Darren in Hedwig on his opening night:

theythrewtomatoes wrote:I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud of someone I didn’t know before. And speaking solely as a Hedwig fan, Darren Criss blows the motherfucking ROOF off of the Belasco! What a sensational Hedwig.

April 29, 2015

She also wrote:

theythrewtomatoes wrote:
I feel like I should clarify, since a lot of people seem to think that I’m just a rando Hedwig fan. I’m a BIG Darren Criss fan, but I’ve been a MASSIVE Hedwig fan for fifteen years. My username is a quote from the show, for god’s sake. What I meant was that I could look at it with an objective eye and see that I loved him in the show not just because it’s him, but because he does a GREAT job. He needs to settle in a little more, and he rushes a few of the jokes . . . He commits totally . . .

I’ll be very excited to see it again in a month or so after he’s settled in more; half of that show is the audience’s energy and he’s gonna need to get more comfy up there. But he’s pretty darn comfy already.

Also, he sings the SHIT out of it. I was worried after hearing him in H2$, because he (and he admits fully) doesn’t have a classic broadway caliber voice. But this show sits lower had allows for more personal interpretation, and is ALL rock n roll, so it’s sits beautifully in his voice and he rarely falters.

April 30, 2015

Here is her review of Darren in July:

theythrewtomatoes wrote:
Saw Hedwig for the sixth time today, fourth time with Darren (I also saw NPH and JCM) today was most likely the last time I see Darren, as I’m broke at the moment, but wanted to share my thoughts.

Darren shocked the hell outta me in this role. His Hedwig is energetic, sassy, hopeful, mean and broken. I’ve never heard him sing so well; this score sits perfectly in his voice and it’s clear he adores singing it.

I’ve been a fan of his since Teenage Dream, but I’ve been a massive, unwavering Hedwig fan since I was 15 (in case anyone’s unaware, I’m 30). My loyalty was to her, and JCM, and the glorious piece of art he and Steven Trask created. I was ready to be disappointed or at least underwhelmed, but he knocks it out of the water. He’s actually my favorite in terms of singing the role (NPH’s voice is too pingy and musical theater, JCM doesn’t have some of the high notes anymore)

His Tommy Gnosis is my favorite part of the show. The way he transforms his physicality into an awkward teenage boy is unlike all the other Hedwigs I’ve seen, and I’m struck by how in all four of the major characters he portrays we never hear his real voice. It’s rare to get even a glimpse of Darren’s singing voice in the music; he is always Hedwig, or Tommy (in fact in sounds like he’s channeling Billy Joe Armstrong during the Wicked Little Town reprise, so even when he’s playing a character who would be the same age as him singing rock n roll, it’s still not him). I finally noticed today that we never hear him, he has infused every character with a different sound.

I don’t even have a way to wrap this up. He just deserves to be extremely proud of his run in this sensational revival.

July 5, 2015

This person is a Hedwig fan, who is passionate about JCM.  She grieved when JCM's performance run came to an end.  She saw both NPH and JCM in the role.   She does not consider herself to be a Gleek, but she knew of Darren, and was supportive of his casting when it was announced.

This person is a big Hedwig fan and saw the show on Broadway 16 times as of July 2015.   She loved MCH and JCM, and saw Darren twice. I scrolled down her twitter page during the period of season 6 of Glee and I did not see any tweets indicating she followed Glee or Darren (although her niece is a fan of Darren).

I'm guessing Darren was his usual kind self to @RuhamaAlice's niece:

A nice tweet:

Note:  She is an actor and model.   Scrolling down her twitter page during the period of Season 6 of Glee, I didn't see any other tweets about Glee or Darren.

Note:  Jocelyn Bioh is an actor (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time).  I scrolled down her twitter page from the beginning of Season 6 of Glee (Janurary 2015)  to June 2015, and I did not see any tweets indicating she followed Darren or Glee.

This person is a big theater fan.  At the time that Darren was in Hedwig, she had seen four of the actors who played Hedwig on Broadway, having missed Michael C. Hall.   I scrolled down her Twitter page during the period of Season 6 of Glee and I did not see any tweets indicating she followed Glee or Darren.  She had tweeted that she did not watch Glee much.

Someone asked her how was Darren in Hedwig.  She replied:

Paul Wontorek tweeted that he was seeing Darren in Hedwig and @VanillaRiela responded:

Alexander Sharp saw Darren in Hedwig and started a conversation when he tweeted:

Someone mentioned having wanted to see Andrew Rannells in Hedwig.  @VanillaRiela replied:

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July 3, 2015
Link:  ElTico68

Note:  @ElTico68 is involved in theater.  He did not know who Darren was before seeing him in Hedwig.  (He took a photo of Darren at the Pride Parade and at that time, did not know who Darren was).

Topics tagged under liftupyourhands on Darren Criss Fan Community Tumblr_nqrpy29FDE1r4gxc3o1_1280
onerebeccajones: What a magical night Sunday was, at the end of a magical day #pride #marriageequality #liftupyourhands #raiseyourflags #likemindedpeople #love
(via tirpse)

This pic was taken at the special Pride performance on Sunday, June 28, 2015.

I use abbreviations for the actors.  NPH is Neil Patrick Harris (Hedwig 1 on Broadway).  Andrew Rannells is Hedwig 2.  MCH is Michael C. Hall (Hedwig 3).   JCM is John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig 4 on Broadway and the original Hedwig and co-creator years ago).   Darren is the 5th Hedwig on Broadway.  Taye Diggs followed Darren as the 6th Hedwig on Broadway.

This person was impressed with NPH when he played Hedwig.

He apparently liked Darren's singing so much, that he tweeted this:

Topics tagged under liftupyourhands on Darren Criss Fan Community Tumblr_nnqxhbFpD51r4gxc3o1_500
May 2, 2015

Note:   John Shevlin is long-time Hedwig fan, and also is a fan of Glee.  He is a big fan of John Cameron Mitchell and has seen him in Hedwig several times, including on John's opening night.

Topics tagged under liftupyourhands on Darren Criss Fan Community Tumblr_nnslcvTfW91r4gxc3o1_500
May 3, 2015

@_whatshername is a Hedwig fan, who has seen 3 actors play Hedwig, as well as a fan of Darren.  She has seen JCM, but I'm not sure who the other Hedwig actor is.  Here, she is talking with a friend about Darren in Hedwig.  I assume "MR" is "Midnight Radio," one of the most emotional songs in the show.

She also discussed Darren's performance with another Hedwig fan, who asked how Darren was doing in the musical.

This person is a fan of Darren.  She had seen NPH in the role, and she saw Darren on his opening night (April 29, 2015), and returned to see him again on May 3 and Friday, May 8.
bhop529 wrote:
Okay. So I was going to wait until July when this whole world wind was over to write my thoughts/feelings/critiques etc down. However, after last nights performance, I NEED to say something now. As a preface, my first introduction to Hedwig was last summer when I saw NPH in it. I quickly fell in love. At the time I thought to myself, “I would KILL to see Darren in this. But it would never happen”. Then in November(ish) Stephen gave that interview where he said he would love to see Darren in the role and it both delighted and surprised me. The more I thought about it the more I wanted it. THEN it happened. The announcement came. Yet, instead of delight, I felt trepidation. I knew deep down that Darren could do. I knew that he wouldn’t do it unless he really believed he could. However, I was nervous as shit for him. My sister is a hedhead and when I told her the news she was so skeptical and thought there was no way Darren could do it. I immediately defended him and that’s when I realized YES THIS WILL BE AMAZING! (In the interim I saw JCM in the role).

I went to opening night, sat behind Max Adler, and enjoyed the heck out of it. Darren impressed me vocally, especially on the harder rock songs. I thought he did a great job but definitely needed some improvement, as is expected with an opening night. The two biggest shortcomings, for me, were It felt too rehearsed and the relationship between Hedwig and Yitzak just wasn’t really there.

I returned last Sunday for the matinee, (sat in the very last row of the theater) and already saw vast improvement. He seemed more comfortable and at ease, not just in the role but with the audience interaction as well. His physicality was spot on and his Tommy Gnosis, MY GOD!!! I could also see that Darren and Rebecca had figured out the relationship, which was a great thing to see.

I wasn’t planning on going back so soon, but when they announced the discounted tickets, I couldn’t pass them up. So I went again last night, Friday, and sat in the first row in the mezzanine and I have no words, yet was compelled to write SOMETHING. I was transfixed the whole time. I can’t even say Darren nailed absolutely everything, because Darren wasn’t on that stage AT ALL. Every critique I had for the past week vanished. This was the best I ever saw the show performed, yes including NPH and JCM. I couldn’t get over the physicality. Just the way he transitions from each character with not just his voice but physically, it’s astonishing. The part that amazes me the most is Wicked Little Town Reprise. Darren completely drops Hedwig and just becomes Tommy in that moment. Even in the way he sings the song. With, NPH and JCM, it almost as if they just drop the accent and sing the song in their normal voice, but Darren sings it as Tommy. I really don’t know how to describe it. It’s truly like Tommy Gnosis comes to life before your very eyes. Then when the lights come back up after the song, *poof* he’s gone and Hedwig is standing there now. It’s almost like a magic trick. I was in awe and completely speechless watching the last 10 min or so. Then curtain call happens and BAM there is Darren in all his glory. It’s the first time he graces you with his presence the whole night.

Before the run started I had tickets for 3 shows (opening, the end of May, and closing). I figured by the time I saw him at the end of May he’d have all the kinks figured out and would really be settling into the role. I’m so happy that I got impromptu tickets for this past week, because in just a week he has completely taken this role and owned the shit out of it. If it’s this great a week in, I can only imagine what’ll be like in 3 weeks when I sit in the front row and bask in the glory of this amazing, crazy, fearless, wounded, beautiful woman.



Search found 9 matches for liftupyourhands

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